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Lethal Mullet Podcast: Episode #98 No Retreat No Surrender

May 11, 2021

Return to the 80's tonight...

Return to the dojo...

No Retreat No Surrender

On tonight's episode join the Mullet and his martial arts brother from the United States Lee Fillingness as they celebrate one of the all time greatest martial arts fight flicks ever made. Directed by Cory Yuen and starring Kurt McKinney and Jean Claude Van Damme in one of his earliest film roles.


We look at the modern take on ninjutsu, and research into the realities of historical ninjutsu.


We look at the different schools of Karate and what we are doing in our own training. 

Lethal Bar

The Mullet and Lee give you the lowdown on why NO RETREAT NO SURRENDER is the Karate Kid of Karate Kids, and the true predecessor to Best of the Best. The ultimate mid 80's Karate fight flick. 

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